J.R. Anderson, designing innovative machines since 1966; especially for the cookie and snack food industry since 1981


How can I, dba JRAC Design, help you?

My work is done in my home based office, on AutoDesk Inventor solid modeling software. I am also licensed and experienced in AutoCAD


While I still own the JRAC Depositor patent, and am able to design and coordinate manufacture of a custom depositor machine for your application, my success is built on a reputation of sound, innovative solutions to difficult mechanical challenges, as presented to me, in confidence, by my many loyal customers.

Please note.....while my experience in the last 29 years has been primarily food product related, my extensive experience and God-given talent as a designer is appropriate for virtually any mechanical application. Send me a note, or give me a call....let’s talk about how I can help you!

Design Services

  • Special machines and machine modifications for special needs, such as may be encountered with new product development.
  • Automation of existing manual operations
  • Machine modifications, providing improved reliability, product weight control, shape control, and production rates.
  • Production-related equipment, such as conveyors, dough feed systems, etc.
  • Designing in “solid model”, providing the ultimate in design review, before cutting metal.


Coordinated Manufacturing Sources available

  • Complete machines, or modification assemblies.
  • Machine assembly, modification, rebuild, R&D projects, etc.

  •  Sources available for manufacture of virtually all machine parts, modification machining, etc.
  • Sources available for control panel manufacturing.

Consultation Services

  • Problem solving for issues involving dough forming and baking operations, such as:
  • Piece weight control
  • Machine reliability
  • Creative solutions for product development challenges
  • Production speed and efficiency enhancement
  • Extensive experience with dough forming equipment, including wirecut extruders, rotary molders, cracker sheeting and cutting, depositors, specialty conveyors, and many others.